Feature request: Reset or delete all completed tasks in a list

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I frequently reuse lists for repeatable things like packing for a vacation. Currently I have to set each item individually back to incomplete when I want to use it again. An option to reset the whole list at once would be great.

Same goes for deleting completed items. I always have an ongoing grocery list, but deleting the old items is very tedious and I find myself just deleting and recreating the list with the incomplete items because it's quicker.
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@jmoudesluysI agree - a "checklist reset" function for repeat checklists.

@jmoudesluys Not sure if you also use the desktop app, but it allows you to right click on the completed tasks summary and mark them all incomplete...i haven't figured out a way to do this on the iOS app and perhaps you can't...not sure why the iOS team doesn't just add this feature




@jmoudesluys this would be useful. Windows App has “Mark all as complete button but it does not have mark all as incomplete”. 

@ATCJB I tried right clicking on the Completed line but it didn't work (on Chrome). I'd love this to be a feature.

Agree! This would be super usefull. For example, i have checklist of things i take for when i go fishing, another checklist to close the house when i leave my country house..