Feature request: location based reminders

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One of of Google keep notes that I used the most when using that app was location reminders. Since coming over to ToDo full time for tasks, I have missed it to the point of using location reminders on a different app when I need them.
Please add location reminders.
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Thanks for the feedback! It is something that is on our list but we don't have a timeframe for it yet.
Yes, I badly want/need this too... also resorting to separate app for that, no good -- all should be consolidated in To-Do! :(
Hi! I'm migrating from wunderlist to, to-do now, after they could finally put "folders" like in wunderlist! (I was waiting for this function for a long time, since it was unusable). This feature, based location reminders, would be great to complete-solution for many people! Hopefully soon to have this great functionality. Thnks!

Yeah, location reminders would be great. Having that with the separate profiles for Work and personal would enable me to fully use To Do.

This would be a great feature. Please add!
Totally agree. This is huge.
Good idea. Yes.
Yes, please add location based reminders as soon as possible. I noticed that microsoft replied two years before but the feature was not integrated yet. How come to pass this important feature?
Almost 3 years later... do you have a timeline for this yet? Very suprising its not a feature. I was testing the To Do App out and lack of this feature means I am going to use Apple's Reminders App instead (unfortunately).

Yes location-based reminders would be great!

I'm using an iPhone 12 Pro and can not use location based remindes because the iOS reminders app is coupled with the MS ToDo-App which can not handle locations! Please implement this feature (iOS: Feature request: location based reminders - Microsoft Tech Community)


Is there anyone from Microsoft, who can tell if this feature is going to be implemented at all?

Currently I'm looking for a task organizer app as Todoist price increased. MS To Do is not overcomplicated - simple, yet not too limited. Except for location-based reminders...

It's even weirder when one uses Samsung phone. Their Reminder app supports location-based reminders, and it got integrated with Microsoft To Do. From Samsung Reminder app, you can save reminders in both services, yet full support is only when using Samsung account.

Samsung Reminders app can save tasks in Microsoft To Do, but when you open such task in To Do app, either on phone or desktop, you won't see such option or even that task has location reminder. When you set time reminder in To Do, location reminder in Samsung Reminders will be overwritten.
Like others here, I would find these incredibly useful. Will they actually be added? That was 3 years ago! Where are they?