Can't Log In to Microsoft TO DO Adroid

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I've downloaded TO DO in my pc and I can Log In with my gmail account. However on Android app it says my password isn't correct, and it is correct since I can log in on the pc app whith the same password. 
Can anybody help with this? 


Another thing, and the reason I wanted this app, it's concerned to my company e-mail. 

I work in Remax Portugal and I can't log in either on the pc or android. In both says my pass is wrong. Again, it isn't. And the thing is when I put my remax e-mail it even brings remax logo and all, but it just doesn't work. 

Can anybody help with this? 


This TO DO app would be great, if it worked correctly. This synced with my work Outlook would be amazing. I hope somebody can help. 



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