Beta 1.58


- New navigation mode (full width sidebar/drawer)
- Show initials as avatar replacement


- Ensure sharing button is enabled offline if the link is already generated
- Accessibility: Smart lists announce wrong information in the sidebar
- Drag & Drop should not be enabled in Planned smart list
- Crash setting user avatar
- Ensure avatar text is not duplicated on device rotation
4 Replies
I hate full width sidebar.

@Polly Davidson I'd also prefer the old sidebar - except there's more stuff coming into the sidebar, so that the width is needed.

Thanks for your feedback, is there anything in particular you dislike about it?

Particular things I disliked:

1. Sliding left does not bring sidebar.
2. I don't want full width because to go back to list if sidebar is open, I cannot tap the right side of the screen to hide the sidebar as I used to do.