Android update 5/5/2020: Request rollback of feature Show/Hide Completed Tasks

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The 5/5/2020 Android update made some changes affected completed tasks:

  • The 3-dot menu "Show/Hide Completed Tasks" was removed.
  • Completed tasks were moved them to a separate section in a list ("completed")
  • Sorting (e.g. alphabetically) is only performed on the active tasks

Example: shopping list

  • Prior to the 5/5/2020 update, the whole list of items could be seen and alpha sorted
  • Items needed can be easily found, and unchecked
  • "Hide completed" allowed just the needed items to be seen
  • Purchased items are checked off (completed) and then disappear

Request please bring back the "Show/Hide Completed Tasks" and allow sorting of the whole list.



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we also need sorting of done tasks


Your comments are OK for the Shopping list.

But I have a team and I assign tasks... and if someone completes the task, the task is "below the line" and I'm glad it's up ... I can see who last completed it. This is my view of completed tasks. In addition, there is currently no Notification Center, so it's a big challenge for the team to keep track.

each user uses the app in other ways. Therefore, it will be the best to adjust the layout in the settings