Unable to add Task

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I've been using ToDo for a short while.  Deciding if I want to switch from Wunderlist.  About the time I had decided to make the switch, I suddenly can't add tasks.   I go to a list and the "add task" button is shown at the bottom but clicking on it does nothing.  If I select "Task" from the menu bar, everything is greyed out.  


This is just on my MacBook TODO app.  I can still add tasks from my iPhone but not on the computer.  

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Figured it out.  Was my error.

what did you figure out, I have the same problem@dknelson 

@dknelson I also have this issue. What was the error?

Just figured it out myself. You don't have to click on the plus sign. Just type in the area where it says add to task. It's just functions different than the phone.