To Do isn't syncing right on iMac

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Today I noticed some strange things with my To Do syncing between my iPhone and iMac:

1) the first issue: when I enter a new task in a list on the iMac, the new task doesn't show in the list unless I change the sort option.


2) Issue 2: and that new task won't show in the iPhone. If I enter a new task on the iPhone, it isn't syncing to the iMac either. But if I change the sort option on one, the sort option changes on the other, so the two are syncing, just not syncing tasks. Strange!


3) Something else, when I scroll to the top of To Do where it lists "My Day", "Important", etc, the quantity in those aggregate lists do not match between the iPhone and iMac


4) Last, the iMac isn't showing any of the task assignments (for those I have shared with others) but the assignments show on the iPhone.


I have logged out of both and logged back in. No changes. I even restarted the iMac in safe mode and then restarted, without any change. I loved Wunderlist, and converted to To Do when Wunderlist stopped their support, but now I wonder if I need to switch to another system. Thanks for any help.


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Update: when I access To Do via my browser, it matches the iPhone not the iMac sync, so the task issue must be the iMac somehow.