To-Do for iOS v2.0.1 crashes when setting reminder

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When I attempt to set the reminder date (not due date) for a task in To-Do for iOS v2.0.1 the app suddenly disapoears in nowhere. Ergo setting due date is not possible in v2.0.1.

VERY PITY! I used reminders to plan tasks in advance of the due date. They than were shown in the list of planned tasks in chronological order. VERY USEFUL to get ahead in accomplishing your goals.

Looking forward to see a fix as soon as possible. This is a really helpful, beautiful and clean app. THANK YOU!
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I can verify this behavior.  


To Do Version 2.0.1 build 190910.1422

ios Version 13.0



It appears that this has (finally) been resolved in 2.1 build 190918.1205