Notes are corrupted in TODO iOS

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Since several updates ago, every time you.access a note, TODO adds a blank line between every existing line. Also, all URL's are duplicated.


This problem compounds on itself every successive time the note is accessed so that after multiple hits, the note becomes so inflated that it crashes memory.

How can MSFT allow such a fatal error to persist for months???
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I'm seeing a similar issue on android using a OnePlus 6t. Can you provide a link to the issue if it's a known issue?
It was a reply from a MSFT developer to an issue I logged

This issue is unexceptionable and makes the program not usable. I use notes extensively on all my tasks and Microsoft are you kidding me you can't fix it in a update. 


You take over WunderList which was the best program out there for personal productivity. And you F**** it up and make it worst. And now this! 


This comes from the great Microsoft company a leader in software technology. Wow, super impressed and get a grip. And fix this bug to save face.