Multiple accounts in To Do for iOs

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I have a personal account where I manage my personal tasks in To Do. Ow I want to manage my business tasks in To Do as well. I have an iPhone and I cannot use multiple accounts in To Do??? Please help!
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Also have this issue. It works well on my Windows PC and can switch between Personal and Business accoutns easily but on my iOS platform I have to log out and back in every time I want to switch accounts, which is a major inconvenienvce.

You'd think Microsoft would seek this as a priority as it is an issue I have seen mentioned a lot!!!

I agree and wholeheartedly support advocating for this functionality for iOS. The only semi-useful path I’ve found is to sign in to my work account on one iOS device and my personal account on another iOS device. However, because of my company’s device policy enforcement and my use of mixed logins to various O365 on one of the devices, it’s less than ideal. The To Do app with my personal account seems to suffer from issues interacting with Authenticator and these imposed policies. It’s frustrating and diminishes the value of To Do.

I‘m waiting for this feature for so long now. I understand that the feature is available on Windows and Android. But I honestly I don’t know any company that equips their employees with Android devices so iOS is a must for switching between private and work account.

Is it possible to get a comment from Microsoft wether this has any real chance of being implemented?

@MarcAmo I completely agree with this. I have a very large business task list and also a personal one. Almost everyone at my company uses iOS and my personal laptop is a Mac (work laptop is Windows). I want to keep my personal and business tasks separated and it is encouraged. I have to log out of my to do list for work to then log back in to my personal account if I use it on iOS and Mac. This is ridiculous. Because of that I have had to switch to Todoist, however I do love the layout of Microsoft to do. I would be happy to move what I'm paying for Todoist over to To Do if you fix this. Microsoft this should be an easy fix and I recognize your slowness to implement this is probably the favoritism to Windows since it's your product and Android, however this won't encourage me to do move to windows for my personal laptop for precisely this type of experience. Disappointing!. 

Yes to this. Please implement ASAP.

Yes please!


agreed! The functionality is there in Windows and Android. Needs to be there in ios as well