Zoom Meeting MTR Google URL Rewrite

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Has anyone run across a situation where a Zoom Meeting invite would fail to work on a MTR stating the URL is invalid? After reviewing the original invite that was forwarded by a user, it appears that the URL was altered adding "google.com/url?q=" Even launching the link from a standard PC, it is a redirect link.  


I am thinking this might be some form of virus/malware solution getting between the original message, but not certain.  

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@Jeff Harlow Hi Jeff, where is the mail/invite originating from?  Maybe use M365 Threat Protection to whitelist the domains Enable Teams Rooms devices to join third-party meetings - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

It does not occur on all zoom meetings. Frankly, I havent been able to duplicate the issue with our own Zoom account and Google Mail. It was one client we work with so far that the invite URL was changed. I figure it was some form of URL parser that checks the URL for validation as I have seen this happen before in a regular email. I do not believe white listing the domain will help as the URL that is changed still works but it is a redirect which seems to break the MTR (3rd Party) invite.
Let me add, it is not M365 Threat protection that is doing the URL rewrite. I think it is a similar service but on Google's side (the client that sent the invite).
So if the invite is coming in with the Google info appended, wonder if you could you rewrite the URL to remove it. Would need testing out.

@Jeff Harlow I've not seen any activity on this; just wondering if you ever found a solution? I'm thinking URL Rewrite on inbound emails from known offenders, but I wasn't sure if there was a configuration we could recommend to the party setting up the meeting via Zoom/Google Workspaces?



- Chandler