ZOOM disabled until I hit 'minimize'

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Teams was working well for us until recently - the zoom function at the bottom does not show up unless you first minimize, then maximize the screen. Across users (ie, not just me). Can someone fix this? Really annoying.

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Please hit Ctrl+0 then your Teams screen going to the optimal resolution

Please let me know if that works
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No, didn't work.

What I want are the 'navigation' tools that appear at the bottom of the screen.


Capture.JPGThese buttons do NOT show up until I minimize the screen, and then maximize the screen again. This happens across the board, at my computer and other users on different networks.


I can confirm this! Its when you have a document open you get this tool view :)

It does disappear immedietely and only appears again if you do the following:

* Minimize / maximize teams window

* Zoom in/out with Ctrl + scroll when mouse pointer is somewhere on teams interface


When you do this it appears but also seem to stick indefinetely as long as the document is open i teams! This tool view should appear when you hoover the document if I'm correct!

Seems like a bug and should be reported: @Juan Carlos González Martín


/ Adam


Ctrl+ scroll doesn't work for me (I assume 'scroll' is the middle button on my mouse?)

Definitely a bug because it didn't do this previously! Thanks for tagging someone who can maybe fix it.