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Good day all. 


I am having a strange issue with a specific teams group. When a user wants to view or upload files in that specific group it says "This item might not exist or is no longer available." 

When the user tries to upload a file into a teams channel it says "You no longer have access to 'test.docx'

I used a test word document as an example to test the error.  


I have three users who are complaining about the same issue and all three are members of this Teams group. They can upload files in any other teams group except for this specific one which is called sales. 


Loggin in/out of teams did not work nor does it work on the web app, it still displays the same error. I logged in on behalf of one user on a different PC which also did not work. 


Does anyone perhaps know what the cause of this could be? 


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Morning all. 


Does anybody have had the same issue or perhaps a solution to this problem? 


I have troubleshooted this issue and fond that if you change the rights of the user from a member to an owner of this team then the error disappears, but as soon as you change it back again to a member then the error reappears. We have about 30+ users in this group with about four owners and I set all these users to owners, this will contradict the member rights from the owner rights.