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Hi everyone,


We have ran into this problem recently where a new Team is created and a single user is not able to access the files in any channel under the Team. However, they have full access to the Files tab in Teams online and in the SharePoint location. This user is one of the Owners of the Team and is the one that has uploaded the files in this location. 


So far we have uninstalled and reinstalled Teams and Office 365

Signed out and back in with Teams

Removed user from Team for over a day and added them back in

Changed their permission from owner to member

Changed back to owner


Nothing has resolved this. Does anyone have an idea on why the local Teams app doesn't allow this user to access files but online works fine? BTW, they are able to see the files in other Teams.





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Hi @harshjo 


Can you check if the user is using the Teams Web Browsers? In case yes there is an on-going issues with the Files Tab on the Web Browser. Can you check if the same user when accesses the File Tab using the Microsoft Teams Client are they able to access the same?


Additionally if the Desktop App also has the same issue you can check if the user is licensed for Sharepoint and Onedrive or not.


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Satish U


Hi @Satish2805 


The user can use without any issues. The issue they are having is with the Microsoft Teams client installed on their PC. 


The user does use SharePoint without any issues and can browse to the location of the stored files, in most cases they are the one that placed the files in this location. Also they do use OneDrive without issues.


Thank you,