You can't send messages because you are not a member of the chat. - How do I rejoin?

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I was in a recurring meeting a couple weeks ago and afterward people were chatting so I guess I clicked to leave the chat in order to not keep getting notified.  This week I rejoined the meeting and can see the screenshare but I can't chat.


The chat window shows what people were saying in the meeting from a couple weeks ago and the last like says <me> has left the meeting.


Below that where I would normally type it says You can't send messages because you are not a member of the chat.


So since I'm in the meeting, how the heck do I rejoin the chat?  I checked all the buttons and don't see anything to Join Chat since I already have the chat window open, I just can't use it.



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Only thing that might work is going into the chat icon on the meeting bar while joined to the call and trying to type a message there.

Yeah, I've had the same experience, and couldn't find any way to solve it (chat button doesn't help). Open a support case and report this, seems like a bug to me. I can report it directly, but since I'll be off for 10 days or so, I probably wont be able to follow up on it. Or we can just volunteer Chris :)

I'm not reporting something I can't reproduce, just sayin :).

@Mike Boehm - I have the exact same issue.  Left a monthly meeting last month due to the chat continuing after the meeting and distracting me.  This month I cannot do anything with the chat because of this issue. 


There needs to be a way to rejoin the meeting chat after leaving.  If I had know this was going to happen, I wouldn't have left the meeting chat last month.

Does going to the invite in the calendar and clicking the Join link not let you rejoin?

@Chris Webb I can rejoin the MEETING just fine. It's the chat that no longer accepts input nor does it update.  The last post is from the month prior and in the field where I would type my message is, "You can't send messages because you are not a member of the chat."




I want to say if you join the meeting, and while in that meeting, someone sends a chat to the meeting chat, it will then join you back into it, but I could be wrong.

@Chris Webb I can't know for sure but I'm 99% positive that someone in that meeting I had this morning used the chat. There were over 120 people in the meeting. I'd be shocked if no one used the chat because it's usually full of posts during each monthly meeting. That's why I had left the chat the month before. People wouldn't stop posting after the meeting end.  Anyway, I've asked on our local teams site as well. 

I just tested this out with an old meeting I was part of, left, got the message that I can't chat. Joined the original meeting invite, joined the call, clicked chat bubble, and was back in the chat. So it works, not sure what's up with the particular one you are having issues with. I guess try joining the original link via web instead of client, seeing if you can add any chat after joining the AV?

I just tested on a meeting that is running right now, web and desktop, and cannot access the chat. I did send a screenshot using the "Report a problem" option in Teams.

Is it a new meeting? If the meeting was created as a channel meeting and you are not in the Team the channel was assigned you cannot access chat, just FYI. Might not be the issue but want to make sure you knew of that scenario :).
I don't think it's a new meeting, but I didn't create it. How can I tell what channel it came from? It's the Microsoft Teams community call. And I did have access to the chat before, if that means something. Thank you for your quick response!
That shouldn’t be a channel meeting so must be another issue.

@Chris Webb  I had same problem - turned off the chat on a recurring meeting a week ago because people kept chatting after the meeting was done and annoying me, then when I joined the meeting today, I couldn't chat. Drove me nuts, but after the meeting, I did what you did.  Rejoined that meeting (even though it was past the scheduled time) and lo and behold, chat was there again.  Why not there the first time I joined today, who knows, but seems like a bug as it's not consistent.

@Mike Boehm I'm having the same problem. Since it's saying "you're not a member", I wonder if an owner has to specify a person as a member.

@Mike Boehm I have the issue. Unable to chat or see the chat while during the recurring meeting. I get the same behavior when joining the meeting from the Teams calendar as well as the original calendar invitation in Outlook.

Have you ever been able to join chat in the meeting? It's possible the meeting is a channel meeting which means only people in the Team the meeting is attached too can access chat.
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Hey @Mike Boehm

I have this same message and found it related to the Teams preview feature allowing separate windows for chat and meetings. 

I was able to solve this issue by double clicking on the calendar icon in the meeting header which opens a new window and allows for chat. 


A non-intuitive experience for sure. 

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