x64 Teams with 32 Bit Office in Intune

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Currently installing 32 bit Office via 365 apps in intune , and using the x64 MSI machine installer for Teams. During Autopilot , should i be able to see the teams machine installer installed ? 


Getting issues after enrolment with teams taking ages to install / load. 


Or what would be the best way to install Office 32bit and Teams 64 together from Intune ? 

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Hi, sorry to answer with another question - but any particular reason why you are running 32bit version of Office 365 apps? Microsoft have recommended 64bit version as default for quite some time now. Is there some legacy reason you require 32bit version?
Hi yes , its a requirement from the client who is a very large supermarket. They need 32bit to access legacy office files but require 64 teams for Bluetooth presence.