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Good morning, 


Since Monday, I am having an issue with the teams notifications and not all members of our organization has it. 


So since monday, every time I right a message in Teams, from my Desktop, to member of my organization I received an alert on my phone from that person name with the message I just sent. 


It is like if Teams thinks that this person is sending me the message instead of me. On the Desktop app noting is different. 


I did make sure that both my phone and the desktop app are up-to-date. 


Don't know what to do. 

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Sounds like message delegation, but I don't think that is live yet. You can set your status with someone name in it, and it will forward their messages, but that seems rather odd. Have you tried from web does the issue persist?

Hi @Chris Webb,


I tested the web and it does the same thing. I sent a message to one of my friend and I did received a notification on my phone, from that person and it was the message I just sent him. 

This friend in your tenant? I’d put in a ticket if this is doing that for multiple people.

Are they still getting your message? Multiple people?

@Chris Webb 


Yes, 4 persons in our organization are having this issue. And people are still getting the message it is on my end that I find that annoying.


@thiewx2789  have you tried to log out and back in on your mobile device? Had someone else having same issue today, and that fixed his.