Wrong account logging into Teams

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When I click on a Teams invite, it logs in as my husbands account and not mine.  I can open my account and start a new meeting, but it always wants me to join an invite as my husbands profile.  This can be a problem when we both need to attend different Teams meetings on different devices but at the same time.

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Hi, not much technical information for understanding the scenario. Teams online? Desktop app? Tried Incognito / InPrivate browser windows? Personal computer added to Azure AD? Work computer? Are you sharing credentials when signing in? Using only one user profile? I understand if you cannot answer all of them but maybe some.

@ChristianBergstrom I am using a desktop home computer.  I am clicking link from MS Outlook meeting invite.  Using Google Chrome and MS Edge browsers and it happens in both browsers.  I have tried using a laptop but because my husband and I have both used the laptop and the desktop it remembers his profile on both and tries to default to his meetings with his profile.  I hope that answers some of your questions.

Sounds as if the devices are registered with his work org. Try disconnecting from within the Win 10 account settings.

I suggest using Inprivate / Incognito browser sessions when sharing devices.
I have the same problem and no, this device is not associated with my work in any way. I do use it for work, but I use Citrix to remote into my office PC, so in that regard this PC is just a dumb frontend, but I log into it with my personal Microsoft account.

What happens is in the Teams Windows App I'll be logged in with both my personal account and work account and want to use the personal one for a meeting. So I log out from my work account so that only my personal account shows in Teams.

Then I click on a link in an email, which is an invite to a Team meeting. It opens my browser, which then opens Teams and joins me to the meeting. BUT... now teams is logged in to both accounts and the people in this meeting sees my work account details.
VERY, VERY bad when the meeting happens to be an interview for a new job and you only discover what happened when you're sharing your screen with colleagues in a work meeting and they see the interview in your activity history!!
I've tried it again now with a second interview coming up later today and it definitely wasn't a once-off error on my side. It keeps going back to my work account!