Wrong account logging into Teams

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When I click on a Teams invite, it logs in as my husbands account and not mine.  I can open my account and start a new meeting, but it always wants me to join an invite as my husbands profile.  This can be a problem when we both need to attend different Teams meetings on different devices but at the same time.

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Hi, not much technical information for understanding the scenario. Teams online? Desktop app? Tried Incognito / InPrivate browser windows? Personal computer added to Azure AD? Work computer? Are you sharing credentials when signing in? Using only one user profile? I understand if you cannot answer all of them but maybe some.

@ChristianBergstrom I am using a desktop home computer.  I am clicking link from MS Outlook meeting invite.  Using Google Chrome and MS Edge browsers and it happens in both browsers.  I have tried using a laptop but because my husband and I have both used the laptop and the desktop it remembers his profile on both and tries to default to his meetings with his profile.  I hope that answers some of your questions.

Sounds as if the devices are registered with his work org. Try disconnecting from within the Win 10 account settings.

I suggest using Inprivate / Incognito browser sessions when sharing devices.