Workspace reservation in Teams calendar generates an error in Outlook (desktop) for Microsoft 365

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When we make a request to book a Workspace in the Teams calendar, it assigns the same Workspace 2 times in the reservation and it gives an error in Outlook (Desktop) for Microsoft 365.



If we open with Outlook (desktop), a Workspace reservation request created in the Teams calendar, we find the Workspace booked 2 times:


In Outlook (desktop) by updating the reservation request, we receive an error because we try to book 2 times the same Workspace:


Here's the version of Outlook for Office 365 (desktop):

Microsoft® Outlook® pour Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2206 Build 16.0.15330.20216) 64 bits


Teams version :

Your version of Microsoft Teams is (64-bit). Last updated on 2022-07-08.


To be visible in the Teams and Outlook calendar, the "Workspace" resource is added to a "DistributionGroup" of type "RoomList".

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What happens if you create the original booking from Outlook/OWA? Might be an issue with how the Teams client handles bookings, best open a support case and report this.

@Vasil Michev : Hello, if we create the original reservation from Outlook/OWA calendar, everything works very well. We can open it with Teams calendar and edit the Workspace booking request without errors.


The issue occurs only if you create the Workspace reservation request in the Teams calendar and update it with Outlook (desktop) calendar for Microsoft 365.

Open a support case and report this, a code change will likely be needed to address it.

@Vasil Michev : Hello, I tried to open a support case and report this issue, but my license doesn't allow me to do that.