Working with Teams Voice and getting authentication codes from banks

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We are a small financial services firm and have pulled the trigger on the move to Teams voice. So far, it has been working somewhat, but by far, the biggest issue we're having is getting bank codes from banks when trying to log in. We can't change the number on file with the banks without getting an authentication code, and we can't get authentication codes because the AA times out the recording before we can pick it up. 


The way we have it set up is the main number (the number the banks have) is set to an AA. The auto-attendant allows callers to hit 0 to get an operator. Also, the AA times out after repeating the message 3 times and transfers to operator. If the operator doesn't answer after 15 seconds, the call forwards to hunt group which rings all users. 


If there was a way to set the AA to not repeat 3 times, it might work. There is no way to tell the banks to press 0 and we can't change the numbers (I was suggesting users change the numbers with the banks to their direct line) without getting the codes. 


Has anyone dealt with this before? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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How many options do you have in that AA that you created currently?

Best, Chris
I didn't have any options; it would tell the caller they could dial by extension or press 0 to get to an operator. The message always repeated 3 times before going to hunt. I turned off AA though in an attempt to get this working, and even ringing directly to the hunt group, the codes will not come in for some banks e.g. Bank of America. When they call with a code, when we pick it up, all we hear is "we tried to reach you with a code. Please try again later" or something like that. In the meantime, I have a landline that I got a portable phone base station with 10 satellite stations and put them at everyone's desk. Not an ideal solution, but we need some way to get codes.
Maybe it isn't supported by some banks their end. A few questions:

1.) Is it only the banks that call on that number, and do they do so during your core working hours?
2.) Are you in a Microsoft Phone System, or a direct routing setup?

Best, Chris
Well, the landline is now only banks; initially it was our main number we were trying to use/get this working with, so I guess the answer is no, not only banks, and yes during core working hours.

We moved to 100% Teams; no PSTN or hardware at all in our office--just using Yealink IP phones and logging them into Teams. I had landlines installed (we just moved to this space) in case Teams wasn't working, and I just used one of those lines for the portable phones.
As it's during core hours so people are going to be there to pick up, have you considered using a call queue with several people being able to answer it (attendant routing) I would be interested to see if that worked. The downside of having a CQ rather than AA is that calls that come out of core hours may be missed, but if you are transitioning and only the banks ought to use it, and it's in core hours, it may work. If it doesn't work with AA, Hunt Groups or CQ then we could look at other options.

Best, Chris