Work Teams admin - close one to one conversations org wide.

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I have been asked by my CEO to update our organization teams to not allow all users to create one to one chats for users in our organization and only lock them down to either established teams or groups. 


I see where i can update this setting in the messaging policy to enable / disable the "Chat" and the "Chat with Group" function.  However it states that chats that existed prior to disabling the option will still function.  Is there a way on the back end either through the admin center or via powershell scripting to go through each user in the organization and force users to leave their one to one conversations?


I was looking through the powershell commands and playing around but wasnt finding it.



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Hello @ShadowTech,

while you can modify messaging policies to restrict editing/deleting messages in Teams, there's no direct way to force users out of existing one-on-one chats.

Disabling chat in meeting policies affects all chats, not just one-to-one ones.

If you feel strongly about this feature, you might want to provide feedback to Microsoft through their feedback portal (


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