Work hours setup in Outlook are seen in Teams when setting up a new meeting

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I have internal invites that live in different timezones.  When I schedule a meeting in Teams, the invitee shows they are available.  They are not.  In outlook, you can define work hours, which prevents meetings to be set up after work for some of the east coast team.  Is there a fix?  

In outlook, the schedules reflect work hours but Teams does not.  I prefer setting up meetings in teams, but it looks like that is not an option.

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When creating a meeting from within Teams, you can switch to the Scheduling Assistant tab, then toggle the "view my work hours" in the top right corner. It's not the same thing technically, but it's the best you can get with Teams.

@Vasil Michev  I appreciated that you took the time to respond.  I am already using that function.  I will revert to Outlook for now to schedule meetings until they add the feature in teams.