Work and Personal Email Address conflict

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Hi there. I am having trouble with teams and outlook and wondered if you could help. 


I first noticed the problem when I accept a Teams invite and it doesn't appear in my calendar in Outlook, but goes into my Deleted items. I have been touch with the support team who told me that my work email address is being used as an alias on my Hotmail Account login. And I think this is why I cannot create a separate account for the work email address. When I attempt to sign up using it, it shows that I am already signed up.


Are you able to help at all? Best wishes, Kiemia.

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@Kiemia  if the invite is sent to your personal email account you should open that in your personal email and accept and the setting will take you to the signup page... I am sure you have been invited as a guest using your personal email. if you are already login with your official email on the browser try to logout.


Also, the best practice is to use different profiles in browsers for your personal and official accounts so the logins are different.

@Kiemia if you indeed have your work address added as "personal" address as well, you need to remedy that - multiple services within Microsoft 365 will have an issue with that. Here's an article that shows the steps you need to perform: