word document link to pdfs (both on teams)

Ross McPhaden
Occasional Visitor

Issue I have found relates to word documents in teams that are open but not in edit mode. I have been putting in links to pdfs (also stored within teams) within the document but there is a recurring issue: if one clicks on a link to a pdf while the document is open (but not in edit mode) a new tab opens and the pdf is found within teams (the title appears in the top left corner of the screen) but does not display the document itself. You can still download it from this empty screen to view it, if you go into edit mode on the document then click the link it works, if you go to the document within the teams folder structure and click it works, so I am unsure as to what the problem is (I've found by deleting the pdf, altering the name and re-uploading the problem eventually goes away but cannot pick out a pattern).


Any Ideas?

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