Windows 11 + Teams Personal and no incoming video and self preview of the camera

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I got a problem with my new computer Lenovo IdeaPad 3 15ITL6 and built-in Microsoft Teams in it. 


Then calling via Teams (personal account) the other end can see me but I cannot see the other end. There is no problem with the internet etc. My Preview window in the right bottom corner is grey and in the centre, I can see only the other person's avatar but no incoming video.


There is no issue with the camera itself, as everywhere is working fine and as I mentioned, the other end sees me through my camera.


I tested Microsoft Teams for work with a work account and is working well, so the only problem is Teams that are built-in into Windows 11.


In Windows 10 I could use the same app for work as a personal account, but on Windows 11 I cannot (or I can once, then after restarting it asks me to use the personal app).


Initially, I thought that this was a graphics driver issue. I reinstalled Intel ones instead of OEM but no difference. 


The personal app doesn't have the option to turn off hardware acceleration to see if that's the issue (like for work version has).


Any other idea, as the only way how I can use teams, is through Microsoft Edge and the online version, which is not very convent.

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