Windows 11 Teams App is Not Showing up my Teams Account Chat, Groups

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I use the team's account online for business chat purposes. I've just installed Windows 11 and the Teams App comes with it. After login into this app, I don't see my chat, groups, anything.


Can some please give a solution to this problem? 

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@Steven01I have noticed the same thing.  I have now upgraded two of my computers, not the one that I use Teams on, and can not find any of my information on my Teams site.  I also would like an answer to this question.

Any updates on this?  My companies team group doesn't show up when I log in.  that and I cannot seem to eliminate the synced contacts.  

I am also having this same problem. I see that Microsoft is silent on this issue? No reply since November of last year? Come on MS, get your crap together.


Really Microsoft? 2 years in, no replies whatsoever and the issue still remains. I am dealing with the same problem. It's bad enough teams is a broken tool to begin with, but this is just sad


Edit: so I just managed to "fix" the issue. It seems that installing "teams for work" does not work at all, but "teams for home and school" shows all my contacts as they were before.

Another square cog in the broken teams machine