Will Teams Meeting Policies Effect Existing Meetings?

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I have seen some conflicting information on this in various blogs and have failed to find a blanket statement on behavior from official MS documents.

If creating or modifying a meeting policy- for example changing the lobby admittance setting or some other organizer option, will the setting effect existing meetings already scheduled and already scheduled recurring meetings?

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@Johnbar0459 Hello John, yes the meeting policy will update the already existing lobby settings (for example) on individual meetings and for an occurrence of a series as well.


Just to verify I set it up with a policy allowing 'Everyone in your organization' and created a couple of meetings. Then applied another policy on my user with allowing 'Everyone in your organization and federated organizations' instead. It took a little while but when looking at the meeting options for the previously created meetings the settings now reflects my newly assigned policy. Meaning it changed from 'People in my organization' to 'People in my organization and trusted organizations' for both my individual meeting but also the recurring meetings.


Hope it helps!

Thank you Christian!

@Johnbar0459 My pleasure John. Would you mind hit the button 'best response' in the previous reply as it will make it easier for people finding the answer, thanks!


*edit* I see Therese had already done it, so no worries then. Cheers!