Will Microsoft Teams replace Skype consumer at some point?

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I need to develop a migration plan for both my Skype for Business and Skype consumer users and that info would help with getting users to buy-in and adopt Teams a lot quicker. So far, I cannot find anything for Skype consumer, either staying or going at some point.

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@dlcooley No Teams will not replace Skype consumer as a product since Skype consumer is made for, and mostly used by, consumers. Teams and Skype for Business is made for, and used by, company users. 


If you have a company and your users are using Skype consumer instead of Skype for Business then you have a good opportunity to move them to Teams. If then need to contact Skype consumer users from Teams that will be available early 2020, then you will be able to federate between Teams and Skype consumer.


As Linus pointed out, Federation to Skype Consumer is coming next year. But there has been no word from Microsoft about replacing Skype Consumer with Teams. I personally don't see it happening, but to be honest you never know since there is a Freemium Teams as well. They would most likely need a version that is more Skype like, and less Teams like unless you choose to use it, but honestly I just don't see it happening anytime in the near future.

I believe it makes more sense to replace Skype with Teams (more of consumer versions of Teams). This may help in marketing Teams at a larger scale to compete with ZOOM. Just my thoughts and I see it happening

Well now 2022 when we have Teams Consumer, a new version of both teams clients completely rewritten in the works and launched in Windows 11 that shed Skype from its inbox apps i think its just a matter of time before a rebranding/retirement of the Skype client happens. On the other hand the underlying bits are alive and well since Teams, both versions, rest on the Skype platform under the surface. But i think Microsoft better rethink their consumer strategy and retire Skype client in favor of Teams consumer. But even Teams consumer need some work to be good.