Will editing a post push a notification?

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When I edit a post, will the users I've mentioned using the tags @Team or @channel be notified? I tend to see my typos only after I have sent a post,

Thank you for your clarification

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No, edit does not send another notification, but if you wait a while then it will (just tested).

Ok thank you!



Unfortunately Christian's response seems entirely wrong. You will send notifications for editing a post as long as 1) the entire Team is @'d, or 2) you don't have the channel notifications ("All new posts" and "Channel mentions") set to Off for the Channel notification settings.  I believe this also happens if the entire Channel is @'d, but I cannot confirm this at this time. This might also apply if the post is marked Important, though I am not sure on that one.


Note that if the entire Team is @'d, you will still push notifications for editing the post, even if the other members of the Team have that channel's notifications set to Off.


Now, it won't push banner notifications if those settings are off, but it will push Feed notifications (which still cause the Teams icon in the taskbar to flash and to show a red bubble with the # of notifications in it, and causes the Activity/Feed to show a notification bubble on it).


Below is a screenshot of a post from yesterday being edited today, and me getting another notification of it today (even though I am on DND!).




Version shown is, but I know this was still true even before this version, and true even back in November of 2022.

What does waiting a little while mean? 1 hour 8 hours 24 hours? @ChristianJBergstrom