Wiki - Question: images will not copy to Word or Outlook, Also how do we print from wiki?



1. How do you print from a wiki document?

2. How do you save a wiki document into a word document?

3. Also noticed I cannot copy and paste my work from a wiki document into another word document without the images showing up blank.

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Hello @Hunteil  This sounds like a similar question posted on our site.


If this thread doesn't answer your question, please reply back so that other members of the community might offer their suggestions.


Hi, i'm also having problems when copying images from Teams Wiki

the images don't copy from Wiki to Outlook or Word, nor they copy to another Teams Wiki that is located in another channel.

@ThereseSolimeno, unfortunately the original post asks two questions.


Any idea about the copy/paste-out-of-wiki problem? I am having the same issue.



(Also, FWIW, the print-from-wiki thread doesn't have a solution for that problem, either; the official response doesn't address it at all.)