Why Microsoft Teams App is not available on MSfB


Why Microsoft Teams App is not available on MSfB? As we all know Microsoft Teams (Work or School) is now available in Microsoft Store on Windows 10/11.


Microsoft Teams is available on Windows Package Manager Repository as well. However, I couldn't find the Teams application in the Private Store (https://businessstore.microsoft.com/) admin portal when I search for applications.


I don't know the answer/reason but I'm assuming this is the reason? -> the Microsoft Store for Business will be retiring in the first quarter of 2023. 


Microsoft Teams Search Query is returning https://businessstore.microsoft.com/en-us/store/search?q=Microsoft%20Teams%3F



Teams App Work or School is available on Microsoft Store though.




You can also install Microsoft Teams Work or School application from Windows Package Manager using Winget command-line tool. It's normal to have issues with Microsoft Teams Home and Work/School applications. There are some tips and tricks to fix Teams app issues.

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That seems like a reasonable assumption - there are lots of places to download the app for desktop or mobile.