Why is my conversation view left aligned for me and the person I'm talking to

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Note - My question is NOT about the Compact view for the left side list of Team conversations. 


My question is for the conversation area itself.


Why is my conversation fully left aligned versus split between my comments on the right and replies on the left?


What it is NOW:



What is WAS and what I want back.  Just an fyi, my screenshot is from someone else, I had to use their screenshot to get the example.  Either way, my comments since I'm making them should be right aligned:




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@Dion_Knudtson Yeah, that's weird! There's a suggested remedy in this thread: Why are my messages no longer aligned to the right hand side in Chat - Microsoft Community


I've just actually managed to fix it by setting it to "Compact" (which did change the display again), restarting Teams and then setting it back to "Comfy".

If it still doesn't work, you could try:

  • Updating Teams
    • Select 'Settings and more' (...) next to your profile pic
    • Select 'Check for updates' and let it run for a while. It updates in the background
  • Clearing your Teams cache
  • Re-installing Teams
I don't think here question is a question about the compact mode but it is more why there is a difference. And that is a good one. I see there is a feedback item you can upvote it here https://feedbackportal.microsoft.com/feedback/idea/00f9e8b4-e734-ed11-a81b-000d3a7dd504

@paul keijzers hey, it looks like a bug to me. You can see in the screenshot that the chat isn’t displaying properly. It has the speech bubbles of the “comfy” mode but the layout (left aligned) of the “compact” mode.


Other people with the same issue seemed to fix it by setting it to “compact”, restarting Teams, and setting it back to “comfy”.

Try using the browser and see if you get the view you expect, if so it's probably that the Teams client cache needs refreshing. Clear Teams cache - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn


It happens sometimes. Team is really a hybrid app that pulls down the layouts and sometimes these become incorrect. 

I think if it is not the issue i mentioned Steven his reply could help you!
I had the same today, I think i must have accidently had the alt or windows key held down when i was typing and the conversation thread went fully left justified. to fix change it back I clicked on the ... by my picture at the top then went to settings --> appearance and accessibility --> chat density whcih was set to compact and change to comfy this retuned to the old more readable view