Why is it so incredibly difficult to transfer a call in MS Teams

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Hi, we use Teams direct Routing and replaced our old phone System. When our Customer Support has to forward a call to another Employee he has to do the following:
- click the dots in the Calling Window

- click call forwarding

- search the person in the search window

- click the person

- Select Teams Audio-Call from a drop-down window (Chat is preselected)


Is there no easier way? Like right clicking on some Favorite-Adress => Call forwarding => end. 

And why is there "Chat" preselected when i want to forward a call, it makes no sense.


Thank you for the clarification

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Hi @Joe2021 , you can go to Microsoft Teams UserVoice and give your feedback there. Users can check and rate your feedback. The Microsoft Teams product group checks regulary the user feedback and will check if some usefull tipps can be integrated into Teams.

Actually there is no other way for a call transfer.