Why doesn't MS Teams have a background image feature as a PWA?

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I've been looking into the new MS Teams PWA and I noticed that it doesn't have the same features as the web client version. Why is that? Shouldn't the two be on the same level?

In the web client version I can select a virtual background, in the PWA I don't have the feature.


Shouldn't a PWA basically just be a wrapper for websites with a few extra desktop features?




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I noticed this as well. Disappointing, but not super surprising given the PWA has only been available for a few days. Hope this gets resolved soon.

Same here :( Also I noticed that after disconnecting from the internet several times, the PWA didn't update anymore even if the connection was in place at this moment.

Also reactions in group video calls are not working. I can't do a reaction and can't see the ones by the other participants.
Do we know the roadmap for the missing features yet?