Why does Teams populate meetings twice in Outlook?

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Good afternoon.  We have been trying to incorporate Teams into our company lately and have set up our various departments and then job-specific channels within them.  When we create a meeting under one of the channels/teams, it populates it in everyones Outlook twice.  Once in their general calendar and then again in the Group calendar that's related to the team/channel.  We were hoping that our department heads could either overlay or view side-by-side the specific department/Group calendars when needed, and then turn them off when not needed.

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They are probably subscribing to group events which in turn gets them a scheduling in their private calendar!
Agree with Adam here - seen several instances of this.

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Thank you for the assistance guys. Pardon the ignorance since we are very new to Teams. Where would I go about changing that? Is it a global default somewhere or does each colleague need to do something on their end?

Users can set this themselves from outlook once in the group view - click the cogwheel and subscribe / unsubscribe

Admins can set this for future members via powershell using ”AlwaysSubscribeMembersToCalendarEvents”


And via admin portal - groups - under each group setting