Why does Microsoft Teams not allow you to keep a certain status?

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Why does Teams go to Away after a paltry 5 minutes, and why can't I override that status?  There are times I need to remain Active yet we can't change that like we could in Skype. Seems like a basic functionality that should be built into ANY corporate messaging software.  Someone put a post of leaving up a clock on your screen that moves, which I tried, and didn't work (which also seems like a total waste of time.)

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Hi @Heidi_Jones   This is an ongoing discussion in this forum -  Microsoft believes the status should reflect the activity of the user, but the best response in this past post may give you a work-around that will help: How do I stop MS Teams availability icon changing automatically on my profile photo? - Page 3 - Micr...

Unfortunately that supposed "work around" doesn't work. Setting a dot in your status and changing that status to Never change does nothing. That just literally affects your status message and you still show Away.