Why can't we see the breakout room option or polls option in Teams?

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We're looking to use Teams for a few training exercises. We need to be able to use breakout rooms, but are not getting the option for them. I've googled it and it looks like they should be showing as an option but they're not. I have a Family 365 account, but can't see anything that indicates that these wouldn't have these options, and when I've tried to look at upgrade options I can't see any options that would give us any more than we have other than storage space, etc. 
Likewise with Polls, should we be able to use these in Teams? 
Any help would be appreciated. We're happy to upgrade to a different version of Teams for the period we need it all if neccessary, but just can't see how or if we need to! 
Thanks for your time

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I believe you need to be on any of the "Business" versions of Teams to use these features.

@VasilMichev Ah, thanks, it doesn't look like Business Essentials has it but it does look like Microsoft 365 Business Basic has it, I'll see if we can upgrade our account, or perhaps set up a separate one for the period we need it. 

Hi again

I'm just after some advice on changing a Microsoft account from a family sub to a business one. Basically, my wife's Microsoft account is on my family sub, but as she needs the business version of teams I intend to remove her from my family sub so she can then upgrade that account to a business one.

However, before we do this I need to make sure that doing this will not lose her existing Team calendar events? Should they still remain? Her Microsoft account will drop down to a free one initially (ie not under any 365 sub) until we upgrade hers.

I wasn't sure of the best way to do it. Her Microsoft account has two email address linked to it; her person and her business one. I though the other was would be to remove her business email address from the Microsoft account so she could set up a fresh one with the business sub, but then realised that was more likely to keep the Teams calendar events but on her personal account!

Hope that makes sense!