Why are my replies disabled on my team?

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Hello, I am a student that is taught through Microsoft Teams. 


For around 4 months, my instructors, IT, and I have been trying to resolve an issue. 

When I am in a meeting, I cannot reply and join the conversation with the other students. In every channel, it states "replies are disabled" and "you are muted so you cannot start a conversation". I am the only person in our class having this issue. 


We have tried:

-switching between mobile, desktop, and installing the app on my computer 

-kicking me out of the team, then re-adding me

-Changing my status from member to owner, then owner to member 

-logging out and logging back in 

-also deleting and installing the platform across all my devices


Can anybody please help, I am struggling to interact with my class. the only features I can use within meeting are my camera and mic, which we never use. I have attached some screenshots of the messages I have been getting. 


Thank you for reading, I look forward to seeing replies! 


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I have the same problem. I am the owner, but I cannot write a post "you have been muted so you can't start a conversation". I add my self with another email as a member. The member can write. 

I could not find any help with the MS team. Also here, no one answered the question. :(