Who's talking about my document?

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This is one of those - what I'd like to see posts.


When I'm on a document in SharePoint I'd like to click the 'details' and get a list of all the Yammer posts and Teams posts this document has been linked in.


This way - from the document, I can launch to conversations that have been talking about it, and thus get more context.


I recall my old blog used to gather pages from the web that linked to each post. This way at the end of my blog post there would be links to webpages/blogs that have linked to that post


I think it was called "trackbacks" or "incoming links"


First prize would be to access these links in the ribbon of the document


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Well, it's almost like the contact cards where you can see information about recent files etc for persons!

It could be a good idea but I guess it will also be hard due to that there could be many conversations, not member of the team etc..


I'll suggest you post this request on Teams user voice and vote for it!



Great will do

...yeah the data is there, it's just connecting it for a richer and insightful experience