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Hi folks


Now we can see that some users are using or read the channel on Report usage. We need to know the specific users *names or emails or any users data*  to try to invite to users that arent reading the channel to use the channel.



"Currently, the analytics of a team is restricted to seeing how many members are active. However, there is no way to see who is active and who is not active. It would be good if team owners could see which users have been active and who hasn't so that they can find out firstly why they are not active and to also enforce the adoption of the use of teams."



I appreciate any comments or status about it.



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This will be a cool feature to have @MGJG90 since currently we only see the high-level details on the Channel or Teams usage analytics.


here are the docs which give full details about what features are available on Analytics but could not find that specific which you post the UserVoice.



@PDostiyarok, let me check if a third-party software can do that
Thank you so much for your quickly answer!

@MGJG90  there is also reports with more details on Teams Admin center where you gets channels, teams, users and other reports at least it has more details there.