Whiteboard - Change Minimum Amount of People From 3 to 2.

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I regularly have one on one VCs where I need to use a Whiteboard to convey a sketch. Unfortunately Teams needs a minimum of 2 people for Whiteboard. It would helpful if this could be reduced to 2.

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@Beaucoupnice Is this because you aren't scheduling the call?


The only difference in behaviour that I'm aware of is that if you make a 1:1 call then some features in a meeting are different, but as soon as the call has 3 people or if it's scheduled from an appointment it will be a meeting and have the normal capabilities.


I don't really understand why whiteboard is one of the things that gets limited, but it seems to be the case. If I press meet now in calendar I can start a whiteboard with just me in the meeting, I can also add one other person and it stays as a meeting.


The reason for the difference is a bit of a throwback to where the data goes. In a call it attempts to go direct from one device to another without a server being involved, which limits some functionality.