while users are on a call or MS Teams meeting, they still continue to get calls from other users.

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Hello All,

I have a question that while users are already on a call or MS teams meeting, they continue to get the calls from other users. I want to know if this is the default feature of MS teams or is there any setting, that we need to check. I d

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it's the default and kind of annoying. I want to say that Microsoft is aware and working on it.
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This is the default behaviour in Skype for Business too. I would say that you have three option. 


1) Get used to it and educate users about it. It is useful if you are waiting for an important call.


2) Change your status to "Do not disturb" and you will not get any calls.


3) Activate Busy on Busy in the Calling policy.


Surely this cannot be the case, that is beyond stupid.
Do we know if this issue is currently under development to be resolved? Not a great look as the issue has already been identified in 2019

@Amelia_Lategan999 It is not a bug it is a feature. In most Telephony systems you have multiple lines, so if you are busy in a call you will see that you have another incoming call and can answer that call instead. As I wrote above it is possible to change this behavior, if your organization wants that.

In the Ignite session BRK33, Microsoft showed that they will add so that end users can change how Teams treats new incoming calls when you are busy in another call.