Which works best? Requesting access to a document

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We just have a few pilot teams in the department:

Infrastructure Team - everyone

Help Desk Team - a subset of Infrastructure

Network Team - another subset of Infrastructure


Someone in the Network Team has asked for access to a document in the Help Desk Team. That's actually all they've used the team for - that one document. So far. I'm assuming someone in the help desk team sent this person a link from Teams (which doesn't share) and it doesn't work, of course.


These are my options:

1: There are 2 owners to the Help Desk Team, I asked the other if it was OK to add the network guy to the team. Easy, but it makes me uneasy for some reason, even though I like to share everything...


2: Just do the 'accept' from the email that was generated from SharePoint, which will give the person access to the document but not the team.


I can see these will be the types of issues I need to resolve as we move things out to other departments later this quarter. I know all the technicalities, but looking down the road I can see people in teams just so they can get to a few documents, or a sharing web on individual documents.


We did #1, gave him access to the whole team, but now I'm second guessing myself. When we did that, the pending access request was still hanging around in SharePoint. And to clear that out, it broke inheritance and gave the person an individual 'edit' permission entry, so now they're in the Office Group as well as having the individual permission.


How would you handle it, or what questions would you ask first? I'm thinking I should have just accepted the permission request and not overthink it :)


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How bout creating a library with permissions for both teams! Then put the docs both teams need there! The add this library in both teams as a tab or cloud storage in files


You could have someone on the Team open the file in SharePoint and Share it out to them with read only permissions. Do you have sharing policies set up in Teams? (ex: capability to set sharing expiration)


The nice thing to remind the team of is that even if they give someone outside the team access to a file with editing capabilities you do have versioning control and can always revert back if you need to or stop sharing the document entirely from the SharePoint library.


Both good ideas. Since we're just starting I've only given them an overview for training - I haven't gone into depth with everyone on the details of how we share. I'm designing/updating my training classes as I get these requests.


Yes, we have sharing all set up. I'm trying to look forward to when the whole company finally goes Teams, and when someone asks me a question, I can give them a preferred method, then other methods as needed.


When I was working in SP2013, I abhorred sharing as a mess that was uncontrollable. Now with SPO I'm loosening up my thoughts about it - it brings a lot of good things.


Thanks for letting me bounce ideas off you guys - very helpful.



I would agree with Adam here. You could also use AIP on the document permissions if you only want certain users to only access certain files from that shared library if it is serving as common storage.

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He already has an all team. They can just use that site with a library On it for team docs. But IMO it’s all about it being an exception or not.

If your help desk team owns the document and only a person or two will need access use open and SharePoint and create a sharing link and done. This will become much easier when they introduce SharePoint files tab integration, you should be able to share right from the files tab. Least I hope that will be in. If not that’s a big miss by Microsoft.

If the document is something that everyone in the bigger team will contribute and need access too then it needs to go into that “parent team”.

We also had org facing comm sites we would add tabs too for people to place org accessible docs as well. But you could as easily link the org to share link but it’s really only useful if you have a place to post it somewhere.