Which user information at Office 365 will refelct to Teams


In Office 365 (or Azure AD) manage center, there is some user profile information like user name, department, phone number, location, tile, and so on.

I want to know which of the content will refelt to the Teams user profile?

May I decide the Teams user profile by myself like just show someones' name and mail address without department. 

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@null_null Hey there, this will be a case of detective work so I'm just gonna attach some links for you to go through!


How does Azure Active Directory information display on profile cards? 


Add or update a user's profile information using Azure Active Directory 


Hope it helps!




@bec064  Thanks so much.

Your information is very useful.

I want to double-check that the user profile information will reflect the team's profile card, right?

Like the Title, phone number, department.


@null_null No problem! Can't say for sure (right know) precisely the fields being used as I have to check it myself. Why don't you create a test user and see which fields populate from AAD to Teams, or compare with an existing user if that's applicable.