which policy will get applied inside our Teams; "Global" or a cusotm policy

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We want to allow a 3rd party app inside MS Teams, currently we have 2 policies the Global and a custom policy as follow:-


2 teams.png


so under which policy we need to add/allow the 3rd party app? as i added/allowed the app under the above 2 policies, but still end users can not add the app inside their Teams desktop application? any advice on this please? thanks



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@john john 

I think you should check settings here as well, choose the one you need,

from your needs, at least allow "Third-party apps"


then make some test with the client you choose, find the status with PS: Get-CsUserPolicyAssignment -Identity "Your UPN"

technically it's not about which one you are using as it should works with right settings you set