Where's the Planner compose extension in Teams?

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Having a conversation around a task in Planner is quite primitive at the moment

- you are notified in email, you can't follow/mute, you can't @mention 


Here's the UX of the workaround I'm seeing with my customers

- Open a task in Planner, copy the link, and paste it into a Teams post and have a conversation about the task

- Great, now we get the power of notifications, following/mute, @mentioning, etc 

- And then they copy the link of the post and paste it into the attachment link field of the task in Planner


The issue with this workaround

- it's manual and clunky

- it's hard to educate and onboard people as it's not an explicit design (it's a workaround after all)

- you may get this working great in one Team, but what about your other 18 Teams...more people to teach and onboard


Design trumps education...right!


The solution is a compose extension

- I'm after a Planner icon in the compose message box

- When I click it, I can browse or search for existing tasks in the Planner within that Team

- Then I click on a task, and create a post about it

- If I go to the task in Planner, I can see the post and replies there too


This is pretty much how document conversations work right

- When I go to create a post, I click the paperclip icon, browse for a document in the Team and link to it in the post

- Then later when I click on the document, I can see those same conversations as we see in the feed


And this is exactly how the compose extension works for AzureBoard/DevOps

- click the icon in a new message, choose the task, and then post about it


This is totally a no brainer for Planner - we really haven't yet seen the power of collaborating on a task item yet


I hope the Planner compose extension is coming soon!!!!!

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There's one thing I'd keep in mind


When I browse for a task using the compose extension would that make a brand new post about that task every time, or always add to the existing conversation on the task ie. one conversation per task

- or if you could have multiple posts per task, then when you click on the task you would be able to read these multiple posts in the one view


...I'm currently having this roadblock with a customer using DevOps compose extension

see here >> An index of DevOp items posted in a Team - Microsoft Tech Community