Where is the store web of Microsoft Teams?


Where is the store web site of Microsoft Teams?{B5E09881-AA9F-476D-A991-BFF870B420AE}.png.jpg

I want to share apps of Teams with friends/customers/partners.

and want to analyze apps, how many apps? how many apps by Japanese? and more

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Hi @善博 河端 


The only Teams app store I know is the one down the bottom left of the app.




Not sure you can filter by Japanese apps, or share apps.


Here's a link to the Microsoft AppSource website which may help?


Best wishes


Hi, @Damien Rosario thank you for your reply.

AppSource of Microsoft Teams is Nice.


and I hope more.

  • Filter by language.
  • Link from Microsoft Teams apps.
  • News at adding apps.

Glad to help @善博 河端.


Best wishes for a great weekend ahead!




@Damien RosarioI've got a question for you about this. What do you do, if the app store isn't there at all? Here's a screen snippet of my Microsoft Teams app with the teams I'm a part of. As you can see, I don't have a Store App link in the lower left.


MS Teams - no Store app button.PNG