Where is the problem in the error "Failure to execute Send Live command"?

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I see others have discussed this error, but there seems yet to be an answer.


Is this just Microsoft servers being overloaded? Or is there something on my end, as the producer, that is causing a problem?


In the same Live Event that received this error, we saw a lag to attendees of up to about 15 minutes!! (Not 15 seconds) Also at one point, it dropped the presenter and their share, and they had to join again.


This has never happened before in any of our Live Events. Maybe Microsoft servers caught Covid-19?

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Hi @Renee_OCSHK

There have been multiple cases of this, such as here

And here

These could be the ones you saw. Since multiple tenants are impacted, it would likely be a platform issue and not restricted to a singular tenant or geographical area. My recommendation is

1.) Raise the issue here

2.) Then raise a ticket to support referencing the bug you just raised

There is no article I can find which seems to identify a single cause or remedial action. My advice with live events is to a.) create a vanity link for the live event through something like rebrandly and use this in the link you send to attendees b.) arrive at the live event 30 minutes before to test and send live early to ensure it works. If it doesn't you have time to kill the live event, set up a second and direct the vanity URL to it. This usually ensures a successful result as it is extremely rare to find two live events having such issues

Hope that helps to answer your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 

Thanks very much for your clear work-around. It is appreciated.


However, it should be Microsoft who should be resolving this issue, which ultimately was a service disruption, and not you or me, the users.