Where have some of the teams discussions here disappeared to ?

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Google keeps turning up hits for discussions here that have been randomly removed can anyone explain what is going on here please ?

for example:-  






Why has microsoft randomly archived some of the discussions here ?

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Hi @technonath I can explain what's happening:  we have been slowly archiving posts from the start of this discussion forum, which was November 2016 through 2019 (I think right now we're up to May or June 2019).  We do that because some of the older posts offer solutions or comments that no longer apply to the current version of the product, which is continually updated.  If users have a similar question to those that have been archived, we hope they will create a new post in the discussion forum so that the information that's discussed is more relevant and reflects the current feature-set and condition of the product.


[I'm surprised that Google and Bing, etc still show archived posts but I don't know how that works).

I am really disappointed by this. By all means tag it with a disclaimer "This thread may contain information that is out of date or superseded" and lock it, but don't just remove this useful information.


Here are some other examples that have been removed and I am pretty sure that the information discussed in them has not changed that much, it feels like you have just indiscriminately removed random topics. 



This contained lots of helpful tips for getting teams running again

Teams Desktop App not starting any more (on Windows 10)



How the hell do i send file via chat??? - Microsoft Tech Community


I don't think the windows firewall settings requirements for teams have changed since this was written

Optimal WIndows 10 firewall setting for Teams desktop app? - Microsoft Tech Community

I can assure you it wasn't indiscriminant: the decision was made to archive anything over three years old. Feel free to create new posts on these subjects and see what the community has to offer now.