Where does Teams Client store your guest account info


Recently my various tenants have started showing a pulldown next to my picture/initials that lets me switch to guest tenants to which I have been invited. (Very useful and saves a lot of guessing*)-
My question is how does my teams Client "know" where I am a guest?
[I know that the tenant where I am a guest has a guest account with my invitation status and account type - personal, external azure AD etc. so that's not my question. I am talking client side)
It seems to me likely it is either tagged against something in my AD Azure object  or similar in my tenant or it could be in the registry or just in some roaming file?
The reason I want to know is we have an external guest who always ends up as an attendee when invited to live vents (most others work fine) and I wonder if his relationship with us is confused. (I have tried removing him and recreating with a new invitation) and I was wondering if there is a way to break his client's "memory" of our relationship.

I included this question in a recent tech support call to MS and go the unlikely answer that it looks it up in the guest holding tenant (that would imply that the client scanned every tenant in the world just in case - which would seem to be nonsense. Surely there must be something in my "environment" that says "you are guest of Contoso Corp" to get the pulldown in the teams client?

* but please add switch tenant soon - I have 6 and teams desktop is painful with sign out and type your name and password every time you want to change.

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Said data is stored as part of your Azure AD profile, and different client applications (such as Teams) "consume" it. In turn, each tenant you are a "guest" in stores some basic information about your user.


It's not that uncommon for Teams to have outdated information due to cache issues, or to miss the switcher altogether. In such cases you'd either clear the cache, re-login to the client or use a private session in the browser. In case the actual guest relationship is in broken state, the quickest fix is usually to remove/re-add him.

@Vasil Michev 


So you are saying there is a list in my home tenant's Azure AD of the tenants in which the full tenant account is a guest? (In the Azure AD Profile)

I agree that the switcher can be unreliable.
You suggest 3 options "either clear the cache, re-login to the client or use a private session in the browser"
As teams live events for presenters is not supported in the browser version (I think this is till true) using a private browser session is not an option.
Where is the cache and would you be able to kindly point me to any instructions as to how to clear the cache (for the desktop Windows app) - unless re-login to the client is a sure-fire way (even if you sign back in the same ID?)
Thanks again

@Vasil Michev Thanks! Much appreciated